Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Trip to the Dark Side

Occasionally, one must venture into the nether regions of darkness to understand just what the paragons of our intellectual opposition are really thinking.  After all, we spend a lot of time talking about what's on the minds of Republicans, but rarely do we actually take them at their words.

Today, I would like to provide you a few quotes from our friends at  I do this today so that you can see just how far the rhetoric has been ratcheted up.

Enjoy your trip...hope you come out alive...And if you walk away from this post thinking there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans, or that a vote for a third party is anything more than a gift to fascism, I can't help you.

It doesn't seem to matter whether we'd like to be at war with these people. They want to be at war with us. They don't want land, they don't want money, and they most assuredly do not want peace. They want to take over the world for Islam, and by 'world' they mean the world.

There is little to do but kill them all. They won't have it any other way.  --Robert A. Hahn

And I kind of disagree about the comparison to [Hitler's] Wehrmacht. A bunch of jihadists with boxcutters did more damage to America in a few minutes than the Wehrmacht ever did.  -- kowalski

Let's not forget that they kill each other, too. Killing does seem to be a theme. I also say we have to kill them all and the sooner we start, the sooner we finish. Put them on the Virginville Express.  --Tbone

The worst part is we don't how many "they" constitute. This latest threat emanated from Iraq, a nation we just liberated from a monster who killed Muslims for sport. How many of the "they" are Iraqi citizens? Chilling stuff there, and the implications are jarring. --Spainishirish

I now believe the Pope did this on purpose. Why?

1) He knew that Muslims would go bat-crap crazy over it. All he had to do was look at the reaction to the Danish cartoons and Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" for an example of the typical reaction.

2) His purpose was to perhaps, maybe, force the world to confront the fact that this is indeed a religious war (not merely a geopolitical conflict or "War on Terror") and to prepare itself for that fight.

3) If the mere spectacle of the overreaction is not enough to spur the Judeo-Christian world into action, I fully believe he intends to allow himself to be murdered. In his mind, if this does not steel the resolve of the West to confront this threat once and for all, it is not worth saving.  -- udtiger

What better way to get Christendom to wake up to the threat posed by the fundy Islamists, than to have a Pope assassinated? If you accept that Islam and Christianity are on a collision course, and it will take a major attack on a Western city to get the West engaged, it's difficult to wait, wondering which of your flock will get hit. Unless the Pope is killed, that is.

The math is pretty easy: the life of one old man who has reached the pinnacle of his career for, say, 100,000 innocents.

If that was his plan ... Salute!  -- Socrates

how do you counter the argument that killing them just creates more?

There is a hidden assumption in that argument, which is that the rate at which they breed exceeds the rate at which we kill them. With the various means of violence available to us, we can easily adjust the rate at which we kill them so as to exceed the rate at which they breed.

How can we get them to come out?

We can't. It is in their interest to hide that way. Therefore we must make the others want to push them out. We aren't really serious about this matter yet, so we have not truly been working that problem. But a number of engineering solutions come to mind. If every time one of their bombs went off somewhere, we dropped a daisy cutter on the casbah in some medium-sized city over there, we could expect that after a dozen or so such incidents, civilian support for having terrorists around setting off bombs would decline. There are obviously other forms of extreme violence available. Any of them will do.

It is likely that the terrorists today threaten the civilian population if they do not agree to harbor and hide the terrorists. Therefore any violence we apply to the civilians to make them disgorge the terrorists will have to exceed whatever violence the terrorists themselves are capable of inflicting. Yes, I realize that this is all morally reprehensible. That is why we are not doing it. However, at some level of violence perpetrated against us, these considerations will be set aside in favor of making the violence against us cease. We are not just going to roll over and die. You might want to start steeling yourself now for the morally reprehensible part. Hopefully it can be brief.  -- Robert A. Hahn

But unfortunately, it is apparently going to take more than 3000 civilian deaths to steel the American backbone to do the things which you have outlined. How many more deaths will it take to wake America up? 10,000? 100,000?

You already hear laments on how many Iraqi and Afghanistani civilians have been killed in the war so far. "We've killed way more than the 3000 they murdered on 9/11 - it's not fair! We should stop!", as if we should have only killed 3000 of their people in response to 9/11. Can you imagine what the outcry would be if we applied even more violence to the civilian population?

My guess: only if the terrorists kill 100,000 Americans, will the hand-wringers be okay with us going in and killing 100,000 of their civilians. (But not a person more.) -- VeddyVeddyBadAng

Those trying to kill religion in our society today will find religion staring them in the face just before they are beheaded by those demanding they believe in God, if they do not help those who did not demand they believe in God. -- shokk

They can wag their finger at the Pope and pretend to be worldly wise and sophisticated knowing full well that we have a President who is anatomically correct and is willing to do the dirty work of defending our freedom. They know full that if it were up to Nancy Pelosi or Jack Murtha we would be overrun by suicide bombers and planes would be falling out of the sky like hail.

It's easy to wax philosophical when you're hiding behind a tough President and the US Military. -- EagleWatcher

The Dhimmitude memo has already gone out at the NYT. I'm sure they won't mind having them and their kids praying 5 times a day and going to the mosque every Friday. I'm sure they won't mind school prayer as long as it's to Alah. Can you see Moreen Dowd in a berqua?


I think you've hit on it. by Socrates

Republican women are prettier, and so the Dhimmicrats want all women to cover up -- to make it more fair.

Proud to be: politically incorrect, straight, white, pro-life Christian, and of the opinion the spotted owl tastes just like chicken. -- haystack


Did you make it out alive?

There's really not much more I can add here.  This is the Republican base..  This is what they believe.

The stakes in this election could not be clearer.

GIVE.  Give all you can to our progressive candidates to these power away from these maniacs.  The link to the ActBlue page is right here.

Do what must be done.  For it must.


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