Saturday, September 23, 2006

They Let Him Get Away With It

They let him get away with it.

News reports are currently circulating that Osama Bin Laden is dead of a severe case of typhoid fever--and that he died last month in August.

Now, it could be that it's a false rumor; after all, Bin Laden's been thought to be dead before.  But then again, this might just be Karl Rove's famed October Surprise.

But if it IS Rove's October Surprise, we need to get out in the front of the story with the truth: These fuckers LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT.

That's right.  If Karl Rove thinks this is his October Surprise, he's got another think coming.  This SHOULD backfire on him.

Bin Laden's death, if true, is a cause for great celebration.  But it is also a cause for great anger.

Much is made of the closure necessary for victims of heinous crimes and murders; one of the primary arguments for the death penalty in this country is that seeing the execution of the person who caused them such pain provides a sense of relief, closure and satisfaction for the victim's family and friends.

Well, guess what?  Because of the mind-numbing incompetence and malfeasance of Bush and the Corrupt Bastards currently in power, America will NEVER have closure.

Instead, America will grieve forever the loss of her pride and of all the brave and innocent souls who died on that black day of September 11th--without relief.  Without closure.  Without satisfaction.

And the ghost of the greatest criminal perpetrator against her and her people will continue to thumb his nose at her forever from beyond the grave--both in spirit and through the spirits of his followers whose numbers have been increased and wills emboldened by this government of Weakness.

When this town we call America needed a sheriff who would bring this outlaw murderer to justice, we were told that "he just wasn't that concerned about him."  Our tough-talking all-hat, no-horse sheriff never even TRIED to catch the murderous mastermind of the greatest attack on this land since Pearl Harbor.

And now that killer may have escaped justice--forever.


If Bin Laden indeed died of natural causes outside American custody, it is indeed a dark day for America--and ultimately Bin Laden's greatest victory and final achievement.  A final, irreversible defeat in Bush's self-declared "war on terror."  It is a national shame.

And this national shame needs to be hung on the head of Bush, Cheney, and every one of their treasonous, cowardly supporters--for all time.

He got away with it.  THEY LET HIM get away with it.

Say it.  Scream it.  Bellow it from the rooftops in a mournful cry of rage.

For it must be said--if for no other reason than to preserve OUR honor: the honor of all Americans who still grieve for the over 3,000 Americans who died on that horrible day for nothing.  And for the honor of the thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died in this criminal's diversion of a useless war that disabled us from holding the perpetrator of that day's evil responsible for his actions.

Damn them.  Damn them all.


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