Saturday, March 18, 2006


Just saw "V" for Vendetta tonight. Good film--not superb, but good.

What is interesting to me is how OVERT the Bush backlash is getting. And yes--"V", with its denunciation of everything GOP from Fox News to Rush Limbaugh to pharisaical religion to wiretapping to the scheming, heartless and bald Vice-President who shoots a man in the face, is hyperbolically over the top, if deeply satisfying. And it just that the movie was prescient, or is the GOP just this predictable?

And yet, this was a movie written in 2002, and made in 2004, based on a comic book written in the 80's. From the creators of the Matrix, which--though a liberal spiritual/religious allegory--was anything but political.

Episode III of Star Wars, meanwhile, with its obvious denunciations of this administration, was also written by a man who was also not political in his earlier Star Wars films, but rather more spiritually minded.

EVERYTHING is political now--our "uniter" president has forced the issue, compelling those who would rather reflection more on the human condition instead make provocative political stands.

And just take a look at this year's Oscar fare: Crash (race relations), Good Night and Good Luck (anti-Administration through the McCarthy allegory), Brokeback Mountain (gay rights), Capote (ethics in journalism). And then among the lesser films have been the Constant Gardener (pharmaceuticals and globalization) and Syriana (everything under the sun). ALL OF IT POLITICAL.

And these were all films written in 2002-3, and made in 2004-2005.

What interests me most is this, however: what are the filmmakers up to now?

The GOP has only gotten more brazen, more fanatical, and more unpopular since these films were written and made. God only knows what's coming to a megaplex near you two years from now, if the likes of 2003 and 2004 brought us the films we have seen this year.


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