Monday, March 06, 2006


Sorry, my loyal readers--I've been lax in getting posts up here or on Kos for the last few days. Work is very stressful right now, and when I'm not working I'm out in the town seeing and doing things.

Today, in addition to two conference calls and finishing up a report, I went to the Capitol and Natural History Museum; yesterday it was the National Gallery. There is SO much to do here, and I really love the flavor of this town.

I have quite a few ideas rattling around my head for longer political posts (and some pretty damn good ones, too!), but they'll more time than I have right now.

I also have very exciting news that will have to wait for a full denouement and a long post in and of itself, so stay posted and don't go away! Tomorrow or the next day I will sit down to work from my room and not go into town, and I'll post a few goodies in between work session.

Good stuff comin' up!


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