Monday, February 27, 2006


MaryScott OConnor brings our attention to a proposed law in Missouri that would allow pharmacists to discriminate concerning which presecriptions they fill out based on their "moral views."

The particularly disgusting thing about this law is the intentional conflation of R.U. 486 (which isn't even prescribed through a pharmacist) with the morning after pill, which is standard birth control.

This is desperation. These assholes really do want to create a world where women are punished with pregnancy every time they have sex. They want to reverse the tide of history and take us back to the 50's.

They must know that this is impossible. They must know that women will not give up their freedom of sexuality. They must know that repealing the 60's is impossible. They must know that attempting to do so will only create karma and energy toward a hyperbacklash against their patriarchalism.

They must know this. Or maybe they don't. Maybe, like George Bush, they really think that they make history to their liking and that blowback doesn't exist.

A bigger bunch of idiots who never read a history book there never were than these NeoCons and their Christofascist allies.


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