Saturday, February 25, 2006

BREAKING: They've Dug Their Own Grave

According to CNN's main page, apparently the GOP Congress has decided to follow the Bush Lemming off the cliff:

GOP congressional leaders are working on a compromise that may allow a Dubai company to manage six U.S. ports, CNN has learned.

This is it.  It came down to whether the GOP would follow Bush into oblivion, or actually dissociate itself from the Cult of Bush that Glenn Greenwald so eloquently pointed out.  As I pointed out in my blog, it became abundantly clear that Matt Drudge had decided to make his bed to lie with Bush.

And now, the GOP CONGRESS HAS DONE THE SAME--even in the face of the latest polls showing that Congressional Democrats are now more trusted on National Security than are Republicans.

Democrats: This is our world now.  This is our time.

We have been given a mighty gift.  We will crucify them at election time with this: as I said in a previous blog post of mine,

My only question is: how could Karl Rove and co. have been so stupid as to let this happen? Their deal with their base was a wink-wink, nod-nod that they were good Christian folk who were going to blast "THEM" (i.e., Arabs and Muslims in general) into oblivion, in one final crusade to bring about the book of Revelations.

What kind of idiots are they to let Bush threaten the only veto of his presidency to let a country that recognized the Taliban and has strong ties to terrorism control our ports?

Was is hubris? Stupidity? Incompetence? Sheer greed? What the hell was going through Rove's mind??

I don't know--but they've dug their own grave.  It's time to throw the dirt on them.

[UPDATE]: CNN has now replaced their breaking news with a sentence about the death of actor Don Knotts. But believe me, it was there, and they'll have a full story about it shortly.

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Blogger Randall said...

Can't sign in with my name, but this is Joy Busey [kosnym]. This is to your 'BREAKING' blog, which has no comments link...

Y'know, the strangest things have been happening this evening. First, I saw the "BREAKING" banner at CNN, then it disappeared when I reloaded to see if the story was in yet. Then they replaced it with the mistrial ruling (on a Saturday?) in that evil mother's trial. Nothing about the Rep. 'compromise' on the main page or on the politics page.

Then I tried to post to that diary - several times - but it won't let me post. Just sits there. So I did a 'test' on the open thread, and it worked fine. So I clicked on the link to your blog from that diary, and it was an old story page. So I clicked on your profile, then on the link back to your blog from there, and here I am. Only as I type this, there's no way to post to this blog story either. So I'm posting this here in your earlier blog.

What the heck do you suppose is going on? I thought you'd deleted the diary, but it's still there. It just doesn't allow posts. All the blogs on your main page have a comment link, except your BREAKING... entry. Very strange. Don't think I've ever seen CNN disappear a story so fast, and this posting inability is really odd. Do you think the NSA hackers have gone haywire over something getting out that wasn't supposed to?

4:37 PM  
Blogger Randall said...

Oops! It did go to the right post! Okay, nix that oddity...

4:38 PM  
Blogger thereisnospoon said...

something messed up badly when I attempted to update it, and now the entire form won't let me or anyone else do anything...

It's strange, but I don't know what happened.

7:39 PM  

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