Monday, February 20, 2006

What the heck are they trying to pull?

On the heels of a report detailing how Paul Hackett's staff is releasing opposition research on Sherrod Brown--which will undoubtedly be used by Brown's republican opponents--I get this in my snail-mail box today:

From Paul Hackett for U.S Senate:

Dear [My Name]:

Although it's been some time since you spoke with my representative on the phone, I want you to know your support is still very important to my campaign. If you have not yet had the chance, I hope you will send your check today.

When you made your pledge, we included it in the budget plan to finance our efforts. With your support, we will elect a Senator who will fight for the issues that matter to the people of Ohio...

Please take a moment now to return your contribution. If you have already sent in your donation, please accept my gratitude.

P.S. You have my assurance your contribution will be used wisely and effectively to help win this election. Pelase consider an extra gift of $5 or $10 more than your pledge.


Are they so incompetent that they got these out late, and then figured, why the heck not?

Do Hackett's staff members believe that I don't know that he has dropped out of the race? Is it really a cynical pull to extract money from me in the hopes that I don't know what happened?

This is looking worse and worse every minute.

For God's sakes, Paul--get your act together and get your staff's act together. And do something good for Ohio by running against Schimdt...


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