Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kick Schmidt Out of DC, Paul!

So Paul Hackett, as I'm sure you know by now, is taking his ball and going home.

As in, leaving politics for good--or so he says.

I have an open letter--a message to Mr. Hackett (for whose campaign against Schmidt I donated serious money to last year): if you're as big a man as you say you are, you'll get out there and kick ass in OH-02.

I very seriously doubt that any of the Dems to whom you "promised" you wouldn't run, would actually stand in your way. They don't stand a bat's chance in hell of beating Schmidt, anyway.

We need you, Paul. Sherrod Brown has a far better shot at winning the Senate seat, and you have a great shot of beating Schmidt. You can have the Senate seat in 2010.

But buck up for chrissakes. This is politics. Brown is a progressive veteran. You, for all your rockstar qualities, are still a newbie who hasn't won anything yet.

Be a man and run the race you can and should win. And kick Mean Jean Schmidt outta DC!


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