Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What was Karl Rove thinking?

A brilliant post, courtesy of Hekebolos at Far-Shooting Politics. He's right: Bush has finally betrayed in full view of the American public the only supposedly redeeming quality of his Presidency. Astounding.

My only question is: how could Karl Rove and co. have been so stupid as to let this happen? Their deal with their base was a wink-wink, nod-nod that they were good Christian folk who were going to blast "THEM" (i.e., Arabs and Muslims in general) into oblivion, in one final crusade to bring about the book of Revelations.

What kind of idiots are they to let Bush threaten the only veto of his presidency to let a country that recognized the Taliban and has strong ties to terrorism control our ports?

Was it hubris? Stupidity? Incompetence? Sheer greed? What the hell was going through Rove's mind??

I understand everything about this deal except for the unusual political shortsightedness of it all--from the alleged masters of xenophobic paranoia. Weird.


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