Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Bias of the National Journal--The Myopia of D.C.

Got a chance to peek at a hard-copy of the National Review's "Hotline"--supposedly the prime source of everything there is to know about what's happening on the ground, politically.

The port issue is the main subject of controversy throughout, and the smatterings of quotes, observations and actions from the congresscritters is fairly balanced.

But when it comes to their four pages on what's happening in the Blogosphere, the awful bias and idiocy of their blog readers is apparent:
Daily Kos is not mentioned.
Atrios is not mentioned.
Small-time liberal bloggers receive scant mention.
Crooks and Liars goes unmentioned.
MyDD gets one line.
Digby only gets mentioned as a pinata for a conservative to attack.
Juan Cole is not mentioned.
No Booman Tribune, My Left Wing, or otherwise.
No mention of this blog (which has a cross-post of a recommended Kos diary), Hekebolos's outstanding piece, or Hunter's or Welshman's on their own blogs, or Rena's on On the Left Tip.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

But we DO get 3 pages of rants and raves from the rightwing blogosphere--a rightwing blogosphere that doesn't account for even 1/5th the traffic and importance of our side of the blogosphere.

Never mind that, though. We get the musings of Bill Kristol, Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, RedState, Assrocket, and a host of other conservative pundits and bloggers in their full glory.

To read "The Hotline", it would appear that the only voices that matter in the blogosphere are those of the wingnuts.

Typical myopia. Typical D.C. And too utterly typical of the bias in our supposedly "liberal" media.


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