Thursday, March 02, 2006

working from Kinko's

the internet where I am staying died, so i'm posting from Kinko's tonight. went to the White House, lincoln memorial and other places. The White House filled me with a sense of ominous energy, like the Death Star. It's a feeling I shouldn't have about my government, but I do. I looked proudly upon the Congress, but the White House filled me with dread. It also enraged me to think that a fake Texas incompetent coup leader was living in that glorious house full of history. It is a crying shame.

Then, after going to the Lincoln Memorial and reading what the words of a REAL president sound like, I was filled with awe for the history of the office of the presidency, and grief for the stain with which it is currently smeared.

I had many more thoughts today, but I can't dwell on them because Kinko's is extorting my money from me at ridiculous rates, and there are no intenret cafes in the area.

more tomorrow, if my internet gets fixed appropraiately.


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