Friday, March 17, 2006

RedState reaches out

An interesting idea over at RedState has led to some interesting debate; there's a diary currently on the Recommended List at titled "Calling All Democrats." It invites Democrats to come out say why they are Democrats, and the postulates and responses have been quite entertaining.

I went ahead and took the bait, and said the following:

On Abortion:
I'm a Democrat because: I don't believe the fetus is a real human being until at least that end of the first trimester--and that, as a man, it's not my decision to make anyway.

Why I'm not a Republican: Because most Republicans, by allowing exceptions in cases of rape and incest, show that they don't care about the fetus at all; they just care about punishing women by forcing them to suffer the "consequences" of unprotected sex.

On the Budget and Fiscal Responsibility:

I'm a Democrat because: for the last 25 years, Democratic administrations have balanced budgets and reduced or eliminated deficits. I'm a Democrat because I'm not stupid enough to believe that any country can grow their way out of debt--especially by giving more to the rich.

Why I'm not a Republican: Because for the last 25 years, Republicans have created massive deficits. And because they advocate "Laffer-curve pro-growth policies" that sink the country further into debt and increase economic stagnation--all as an excuse to give more money to the big business interests who need it least.

On Government:

I'm a Democrat because: I understand that in a completely free market, power coalesces naturally into the hands of a very few. Those very few use their power and wealth not to create jobs and trickle wealth down, but to hoard it, suppress wages, and either inflate prices or provide cheap prices by exploiting labor. Government is the bulwark against that: government reigns in the corrupt monopolists and makes sure that everyone is provided for, within the context of a capitalist system.

Why I'm Not a Republican: Because I won't use totally disproven supply-side economic theory as an excuse to receive another short-sighted tax cut.

On Innovation:

I'm a Democrat because: Every life-changing innovation of the last 50 years--from the space race to the Internet--has been a product of government, not of the private sector.

Why I'm Not a Republican: Because private enterprise only knows how to make a better toaster with more gadgets and market it--not replace a toaster with something truly different.

On Foreign Policy:

I'm a Democrat because: In a globalized world, I understand that true security lies in multilateralism, cooperation and respect. I understand that most major countries are going to have nuclear capabilities within the next 50 years--and that the only security in such a world comes from a global community in which every country looks over the other's shoulder.

I further understand that every major hostile, unilateral action--from our toppling of Mossadegh to the support of Bin Laden in Afghanistan against the Soviets--creates blowback that usually hurts you more than it helps.

I'm a Democrat because the way that Clinton handled the Kosovo conflict was the PERFECT way to fight a war in the modern age.

I'm a Democrat because I understand that the greater the anti-American sentiment abroad, the more dangerous the world is for an American.

Why I'm Not a Republican: Because I don't believe that our enemies are monolithic, and because I believe that many of them have some legitimate gripes, that their evil and corrupt leaders use to foster evil ends like terrorism.

And because I'm not stupid enough to believe that you can enforce democracy on anyone at the point of a spear.

On social programs

Why I'm a Democrat: Because liberals gave us the New Deal, Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, the 40-hour work week, civil rights, suffrage for women, child labor laws, the weekend, the family leave act, desegregation, and every other good and decent thing have ordinary Americans count on. And we are on the side of history on gay rights as well.

Why I'm Not a Republican: Because conservatives have fought tooth and nail against every single one of these things. And then when they lose, they move on to resist the next thing, exploiting the fears and prejudices of the electorate until they lose again, eventually--but causing untold damage in the interim.

On Religion:

I'm a Democrat Because: I'm spiritual (I believe that there are forces in the universe that create "coincidences" that work out to give people what they want, like magnetic attractor), but I don't hold to any organized religion. And Democrats will accept me, while Republicans will not.

And because even if I were a Christian, Democrats follow the teachings of Jesus far more than do Republicans--Jesus was concerned with the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, and held special anger for the rich hypocrites who would use violence to achieve earthly ends, while cloaking themselves in pharisaical righteousness in houses of worship. Sounds exactly like a Republican to me.

Why I'm Not a Republican: Because 15 years ago, a Republican president and father of this current one, said that I'm neither American nor a patriot, since I'm not a Christian.

And there's a lot more where that came from.

Essentially, as a Democrat, I believe that we're all in it together. I believe in 1) Being Respected Abroad; 2) Clean and Accountable Government; 3) Right to Personal Privacy; and above all 4) The Common Good.

We'll see what kind of responses that can generate from some of the best and brightest of the GOP blogosphere...


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