Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Game Is Over

The fuse is lit, the trigger is set, the game is over.

The explosive revelation that the Saudis are blackmailing the United States to stay in Iraq lest they fully fund a Sunni war against Iranian-Shi'ites there was the final straw that will break the camel's back. The calls for the removal of our troops from Iraq will now begin in sold earnest from all sides of the aisle--mostly because all the Psycho Right cares about is killing Muslims--and a full-on regional war among Muslims would be just the thing to get it done.

I admit my evidence at this point is weak, as it comes solely from a Free Republic thread; unfortunately, no one else on the Right that I can see is even discussing this news from Saudi Arabia as of yet, so it's all the evidence we've got. But if the comment thread is any indication of larger right-wing sentiment, the jig is up.

Here are a few examples:

by dothedhue:

I might reconsider pulling out now. These people love to fight. Let them fight. Get it on. We'll mop up when they are done killin' each other.

by vigilanteman:
The only true friends of America in this whole fracas have been the Kurds. Set up a Kurdish protectorate, let them invite the Christians and the 10% or so of moderate Sunnis and Shiites to join them and let the rest of the country go to hell-- the place it is headed anyway. The Shiites (with Iran's backing) and the Sunnis (with the Saudi's backing) can kill each other to their heart's content.
Explain to the current leadership this is what we will do unless Al Sadr's head is delivered and the Sunni tribes start turning on Al Qaida big time. We have, at best, one more year for a political solution. Not because the American military lacks the will and the skill, but because the American sheeple led by the enemedia do.

by mameluksabre:

Lets get outa there and let Iran and Saudi-Arabia go at it. THey are itchin for a fight, let'em. We'll back the A-rabs from down in the land of Saud and use that for an excuse to take out Iranian nukes.

It'll be just like in the time of mohammed...arab versus persian.

by Amishdude:
Dear Shia, have you noticed that Mecca is in Sunni hands?

Love, AmishDude.

And from another thread on the same topic:

by Mad_Tom_Rackham:
We should be able to use this to our advantage. An all-out war between the Sunnis and the Shias might be a very good thing for the US.

by Proud USA Republican:
Just like with the gaza strip. Let the animals kill each other off.

Western civilization wins.

by sampleman:
Here's a grim what if back at them. What if we do nothing and let the Shiites and Sunni fight to the death sucking in all Arab nations and a nuclear Iran?


Again, this is scant evidence, but I don't see that the "mainstream" right will say anything much different from this. Indeed, it is clear that the right wing is already pushing the Blame the Iraqis meme; what could be better than than being able to blame Saudi Arabia, Iran and Islam in general for the American foreign policy failure in Iraq?

What's sick about this, of course, is that the thinking here is utter moral perversion. When it looked to these people like it would be a cakewalk to invade their country, kill their leaders, convert them to Christianity and take their oil, they were all for it.

When it became a question of force-feeding Iraqis American-style democracy without actually rebuilding their country and against their will (even at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives), these people were still all for it.

But when it comes to averting a full-fledged humanitarian catastrophe, these people are totally ready to leave and get out. Because as long as the Iraqis stayed Muslim and refused to give us their oil cheap, it was a humanitarian catastrophe that the Right Wing was looking for.

NOW these villains want to leave the Iraqi people to their devices, after we've torn up the place and left them in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. NOW that them towelheads is pullin' jeehawds on each other, our work is done here. These people are a moral disgrace and a stain on the American character.

But at least we're all agreed now on one thing: Get our soldiers the fuck out. The ONLY possible resolution to this situation is interested parties in the region NOT wanting to see a bloodbath on their borders destabilizing their own regimes--and an international peacekeeping and humanitarian effort to prevent as much bloodshed as possible. "Go long" and "go big" are toast; "Go home" is the only option left.

The game is over. The Right Wing has finally found an acceptably high level of Muslim bloodshed to fill their black hearts with good cheer.


Blogger Blue Gal said...

What!?! The Saudi Royal Family is telling the Bush Royal Family what to do? Yer kidding.

Thanks for this.

8:13 AM  
Blogger thereisnospoon said...

i know. Color me shocked.

12:32 PM  

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