Saturday, December 09, 2006

You Want a What?

VirginiaDem posted a highly recommended diary on Daily Kos today demanding an apology from the various nitwits and right-wing gasbags who called us traitors, terrorist sympathizers and surrender monkeys. Many people jumped in on the threads, harping on how failure to apologize to Democrats in light of the ISG report somehow constitutes hypocrisy on the part of the Psycho Right Wing.

Unfortunately, the demands for such an apology and the underlying assumptions of hypocrisy greatly underestimate the overall Fuckwaditude of the Psycho Right. Follow below the fold for a trip to Psycholand--where no one is immune from the accusation of treason.

Exhibit A is this beauty from the New York Post:

This article boldly proclaims that the ISG report consititutes an "IRAQ 'APPEASE' SQUEEZE ON W." and the panel is "kiss[ing] up to Iran & Syria" and that the plan would (horror of horrors) "Pull troops out in '08".

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from these people? You think they didn't mean what they said when they called you a traitorous surrender monkey? Oh, they did. And they do.


Exhibit B comes from George freaking Bush himself, who is apparently worrying his father's aides because he is apparently dismissive of the report:

Former White House advisers to George H.W. Bush are keenly disappointed and concerned about the current President Bush's initial reaction to the report by the Iraq Study Group. They consider him rather dismissive of the group's conclusions, issued yesterday, which include the view that current Iraq policy is failing. The group recommends a variety of important changes, such as assigning U.S. troops to play more of an advisory and training role and less of a combat role. The ISG also recommends that the United States withdraw most of its combat brigades by early 2008 and that the administration increase diplomatic efforts, including starting talks with Iran and Syria and energetically working toward an Israeli-Palestinian solution. [snip]

Adding to the unease were President Bush's comments at his Thursday news conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in which he avoided commenting on specifics in the ISG report.

"We have a classic case of circling the wagons," says a former adviser to Bush the elder. "If President Bush changes his policy in Iraq in a fundamental way, it undermines the whole premise of his presidency. I just don't believe he will ever do that."

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from the Criminal-in-Chief? He wasn't kidding when he said that a vote for you was a vote to appease terrorists. He thinks that Baker is appeasing terrorists as we speak.


Exhibit C comes from Ann Coulter, whose latest piece in Human Events declares that the "Incoming Congress Prepares to Launch 'Operation Surrender'" and says that
The "bipartisan" Iraq panel has recommended that Iran and Syria can help stabilize Iraq. You know, the way Germany and Russia helped stabilize Poland in '39.

She finishes her delightful column by stating:
I think waterboarding should be a reward for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: OK, you've been good, Mohammed, we're only going to waterboard you today. Let's get you out of those cold electrodes and onto a nice, warm waterboard, OK?

Now that they're our new best friends, how about we turn to Iran and Syria for help on our interrogation techniques?

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from this woman? You think she was kidding when she said she wants you dead? She wants James Baker dead!


Exhibit D comes from Rush Limbaugh, who is spending today calling the ISG a "Dull Pile of Steaming Nothing" and openly calls it a "surrender report".

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from this drug-abusing, Viagra-popping, Dominican-Republic "touring" dickhead? Don't wait too long.


Exhibit E comes from RedState, where Every. Single. Frontpage. Editor has decided to roundly trash Baker and the ISG. Seriously--every last one.

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from these jerks? They meant every word! They still do.


Exhibit F comes from the always-entertaining folks at Free Republic, who state that even the high ranking people calling the ISG the "Iraq Surrender Group"--people like Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney, Ret. Col. Gordon Cucullu, Investors Business Daily and others--are themselves advocating surrender to the Iraqi terrorists. Meanwhile, they wholeheartedly support Bush's intransigence in the face of the ISG.

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from these idiots? They would have to apologize to Baker et al. first. Hell, they'd have to apologize to the "surrender monkeys" calling Baker a "surrender monkey"!


Exhibit G comes from the conservative TownHall, in an article by Frank Gaffney that also appeared in the Washington Times, wherein he declares with community approbation that:

On Wednesday, an unelected, unaccountable and substantially unqualified commission will formally report what hasn’t already been leaked about its recommendations with respect to the conflict in Iraq. The title of the commission is the Iraq Study Group (ISG). Given the nature of its contribution, a better name would be the Iraq Surrender Group.*

And you're waiting breathlessly for an apology from this asshole? In your dreams. He meant every word.


You see, these people aren't just disgusting hypocrites. They're basically downright evil--and I for one won't be afraid to call them that.

And that is why calls for a new discourse of bipartisanship are total bullshit. Not only are these people not going to apologize to us for their abrasive and abusive rhetoric, they're not going to apologize to members of their own party and ideology. Hell, these people are hardly capable of human empathy or rational discourse.

The only way to deal with these people is to excise them as soon as possible from the political arena, and to let them rant away to their own little corner of the Psycho universe.

But don't ask them for an apology. It's not coming--and it's not worth it. The number of people they have to call traitors, surrender monkeys and terrorist appeasers is starting to grow so large that they'll soon be rendering themselves utterly irrelevant.


Blogger Blue Gal said...

very good writing here. I'm adding you to my blogroll and sending you a little (? well, we'll see) linky love this weekend.

Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that you do want the US to surrender to Islamo-Fascism?

If not, what exit strategy do you propose?

Eric at

7:39 AM  
Blogger thereisnospoon said...

thanks Blue Gal. And thanks for the link on C&L. Much appreciated.

As for Eric, well...If Sunni-Shi'a civil war = Islamofascism in your book, I really don't know what to tell you. You're playing foreign policy checkers while everyone else is playing 3-D chess.

The best exit strategy is to talk to Iraq's neighbors and get them to help out, since the danger of a regional conflagration is very real. But nobody is going to do that as long as the occupation is under Bush and in distinctly American hands.

12:58 PM  

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