Monday, November 13, 2006

The Martinez Disaster: The Fallout

OK, now this is hilarious.  There are two wonderful threads to read to gauge conservative reaction to the Mel Martinez pick for RNC head: one at Free Republic, and the other at RedState.

Let me put it this way: they ain't happy.  To put it quite mildly.  Between the appointment of Martinez and the firing of Rumsfeld, we've got ourselves a Harriet Miers situation all over again.  Conservatives are more pissed than ever--and Karl Rove still can't understand what happened.  The wheels have finally started to come off the train--and the recriminations against Bush are in full swing.

For your daily dose of schadenfreude, check out the comments below, taken from RedState and FreeRepublic:

RedStater Bob Frazier says:

This shows they have learned nothing.

The Republican leadership has clearly learned nothing from the election results Tuesday.

Could they have made a worse pick?

I tell you, for the next two years we are going to have to think of President Bush as a democrat and act accordingly. My hope is complete government gridlock for two years.

RedStater OldLineGOP says:

Gridlock doesn't happen when the executive and legislative branches are held by the same party. Look at what Bush wants, and what the Dems who will soon control Congress want. Well, they both agree on eliminating our national borders, which Bush has deemed to be his most important legacy, even more important than the failed war in Iraq. Conservative are angry because we got nothing accomplished when we controlled Congress and the Presidency. It's almost like we had...well..."gridlock." That's because Bush is practically a Democrat, and is at odds with most Republicans. I stand by my original belief that Bush is glad the GOP lost the election.

Freeper TulsaRamjet says:

This is a disaster....Okay, who do I start emailing to express my "displeasure"?...does actually someone think that this centrist is gonna gain the Hispanic vote?  It won't.  '08 disaster is guaranteed with this choice.

RedStater Mayhem:

This has little to do with the actualy influence of the RNC chair and plenty to do with the mindset behind the choice. It shows that Bush still thinks he's right; has learned nothing from the election (except that we should become MORE moderate); and that he will go to all lengths to ensure his view of amnesty is shoved down our throats.

This is Harriet Miers all over again, except this time Bush has absolute say.

Freeper ShawTaylor:

Apparently the Rep leadership has chosen to go for the so called "moderate middle"...?

IMHO conservatives need to consider forming a whole new political party.

Freeper Fritzy:

I am SO ready for a new party...

Do you know how to work Wikipedia? If so, we can get crackin' in a few hours.

RedStater Spainishirish:

No wonder Pelosi is so adamant against impeachment!  Why destroy the gift that keeps on giving?

Finally, RedStater EZontheEyez:

I mean...if competance is not an issue for RNC Chair - who is charged with the political lives of Republicans in 2008 - then surely he is willing to play these games with a next Supreme Court nomination. Hello future justice Connie Callahan.

Good grief.

Let's impeach Dubya now, before this gets any worse. I'm almost willing to let him be dragged before a war crimes tribunal if it will get him out of the White House, pronto.

Folks, that's UGLY.  Really ugly.

The GOP civil war is here--and it's gonna really, really messy.  dKos vs. Lieberman will look like gentlemen's tennis match in comparison by the time it's all over.

Meanwhile, I mean what I said before: realignment is coming one way or another.  The current GOP coalition of xenophobic racists, Christianist fanatics, neoconservative imperialists and wealthy corporatists is essentially over.  They can't hold their various bases, and still hope to talk to the middle at all.

Should be fun to watch--and good for America.


Blogger Causal said...

So, Democrats would rather win elections than do what's right for the country? Doesn't sound that different than what we just replaced. I hope you're wrong.

Newsweek's recent poll shows 51% support for Impeachment.

People think things are better because we improved the make-up of our law-making body (Congress). But the whole point is that Bush is BREAKING LAWS. So, it doesn't matter how many laws they pass if they don't serve ther OVERSIGHT duty (they swore to defend the Constitution) by impeaching. Remember this, it is those who believe themselves guilty that proclame oversight as being partisan activity.

How politically advantageous will it look when the Democrats show themselves equal to the Republicans in how they were complicit in Bush's behaviour?

Not to mention, Bush can still do a lot of damage to our troops, Iraq, Iran and our Supreme Court.
Impeach Bush Yourself...

2:13 AM  
Blogger thereisnospoon said...

we can definitely impeach Bush--but after a year of investigations and gotcha legislation. What I don't want to see is failed impeachment at the expense of public annoyance, and wasting legislation time.

7:29 PM  
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