Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Karl Rove's Big Bad October Surprise Revealed

We knew it was coming.  We watched for it.  We expected it.  We fretted over it.  We chewed our fingernails and held our breath in anticipation.

And now, here on the final day of October--it has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon for the struggling Republican Party.

Come one, come all and see the Great October Surprise of Karl Rove the Magnificent--right below the fold!

There it is.  THAT's your October Surprise.

A big, fat, ugly, sociopathic man in an expensive suit that's worth more than he is.  Run and cower in fear--or don't.  Because after all, it IS just a big, fat, ugly, sociopathic man in an expensive suit.

That's all he is, after all.  THIS is your Architect--the Great Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.  The master of sleaze and vile political attacks.  The man whose supernatural political instincts predicted with glee the PERMANANCE of Republican majorities for decades to come.

The man who stopped the Foley scandal from coming out--or not.

The man who captured Bin Laden right before the election--or not.

The man who brokered a deal to prevent 103 of our troops from dying in Iraq--or not.

The man who raised Bush's approval ratings before the election--or not.

The man who invented and stuck with the brilliant "Stay the Course" phrase--or not.

Yeah, THAT man.  The man whose sleaze and filth attacks are working such wonders in Tennessee and Virginia today.  The man whose "play to the base at all costs" strategy is working such wonders with Independent voters by driving them all to the Democratic party.

The man who has staked his career--and even possibly his own personal liberty--on Democrats' never regaining power and calling his evil kleptocracy to account.

Yeah--him.  The man even this turd of a President finds distasteful enough to call "Turdblossom."  The man full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  The mirage who melts as soon as get too close to him.  The paper tiger with all bark and no bite.  The man who lives and dies by nothing other than fear and manipulation.

And his great, predicted October surprise?  Just more fear and manipulation.  Nothing more.

Nothing, that is, but this:

Some surprise.  All we have to do now is get our voters to the polls and hang that empty suit back in the closet where he belongs.

I'm not afraid.  Are you?


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