Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hear nyceve LIVE @ 8pmEST talking healthcare w/ me & clammyc!

You've read her magnificent diaries time and again on the rec list over at Daily Kos--now hear nyceve in her own voice talking about this all-important issue with me and clammyc tonight at 5pmPST/8pmEST on BlogTalkRadio!

As many here may already be aware, clammyc and I have regular internet radio shows every week on BlogTalkRadio which we also post to our radio blog Political Nexus. In addition to our regular shows Framework and Don't Hijack My Thread, we also do hour-long interviews with netroots candidates and bloggers: click the links for our interviews with Digby on Impeachment, Armando on the first Iraq Supplemental this year and MSOC on abortion.

Tonight will be nyceve's turn in the spotlight to talk about the failed American for-profit healthcare system. Among the issues we will be touching on include:

  • Personal stories from nyceve's professional experiences in medicine
  • nyceve's panel at YearlyKos 2007 in Chicago
  • Michael Moore's Sicko
  • recent actions by the American Cancer Society
  • the benefits and drawbacks of various solutions to the growing healthcare crisis in America
  • and much more

Again, don't miss this opportunity to hear nyceve in her own voice live on Blogtalkradio. Click here tonight at 5pmPST/8pmEST to listen to the show, or you can come back later and get the interview off our blog at Political Nexus.

See you there!

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