Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now Faux News is attacking...The Huffington Post?

If you're not watching Fox & Friends right now, you're not going to be believe this: Sean Hannity is doing his best to channel the recent insane ramblings of Bill O'Reilly--but this time about the Huffington Post. Not content to beat its stick on the hornet's nest that is DailyKos, Fox apparently believes it's an intelligent move to rouse the entire progressive netroots into a virtual storm of frenzy by attempting to discredit every last one of our popular hangouts. Apparently, the recent loss of Lowe's as an advertiser hasn't scared them off: it seems they want to start up broader war on the blogs in order, I suppose, to drive away more of their advertisers. You would think that the same people who started an attack on Iraq after failing to finish the job in Afghanistan would know better by now--but then, intelligence and learning from one's mistakes was never a wingnut forte.

And the tactics they're using on HuffPo? The same patently laughable ones they're using on DailyKos.

After a red herring attack on Arianna for her use of private jets (and before another "expose" on Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster), Hannity put Arianna Huffington on his "Hot Seat". He took, like O'Reilly, one dumb comment made on the site by one commenter wishing for Darth Cheney's mechanical heart to stop, in order to attempt to impugn the entire HuffPo site. He then went on to attack Arianna for not stepping in to remove the offending the post. Arianna responded by saying, quite intelligently, that Cheney has made a lot of enemies in this country and shouldn't be suprised--and that if she had seen the offending post, she would have asked that it be removed.

Of course, the same hypocrisy that plagues Bill O'Reilly unsurprisingly afflicts Hannity as well: just a quick look over at Sean Hannity's own forums brings up the following gems, which remain blissfully undeleted by our valiant paragon of moderated political discourse:

A poster with a secret-service emulating avatar asking whether Obama isn't a terrorist plant:

Did The Terrorist Plant Obama?

Do you believe that Barak Obama is a sleeper working for al Qaeda?

If not, why not?

Another post calling Democrats the "Party of Genocide":

About time to expose Liberalism for what it is. The willful acceptance of mass murder and the complete lack of willingness to take action. Even now, Democrats in Congress are working furiously to engineer another mass murder by pulling out of Iraq and letting the region spiral into chaos.

Almost all the large-scale genocides of the past century have occurred during Democratic administrations...

Or a post that says that those who wish to take action on the Climate Crisis are members of a death cult, talking about deaths from hot European summers:

People dying of heat aids the AGW religious cause. I'm sure liberals everywhere look on the dead with pride in their courage to die for the cause.

The list goes on and on--just go to Hannity's site to see the copious amounts of hate that goes unmoderated and undeleted. The morans at Fox News are so hubristic that they don't even think to scrub their own websites in advance of making such idiotic attacks on progressive sites with far higher traffic.

More important, however, is the implications of this move: Fox News, having gotten a taste of war with DailyKos, apparently wants to broaden that war to include the entire progressive blogosphere. So far, they're bringing knives to a gunfight.

If the prospect of war between the entire progressive blogosphere and Fox News makes you as giddy and excited as it makes me, head over to join the army of volunteers at Fox Attacks to pressure Fox News' local advertisers and show these one-note morans what we're capable of.

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