Thursday, May 10, 2007

Conyers evacuates Code Pink at the AG Hearing

I want to give a great big shout-out of thanks to John Conyers for removing Code Pink from today's Alberto Gonzales hearings just a few minutes ago.

Conyers became visibly annoyed and highly irritated with the continuous grandstanding statements being made by the Code Pink representative in the gallery, and had her forcibly removed from the gallery, as was his right--and the action couldn't have soon enough. He then clarified that the patience of the American public had been tried long enough on this issue that a few hours of individual free speech rights could be directed outside the room until the hearing could be appropriately finished.

Let us be very clear: I admire Code Pink's mission and its commitment to activism. But the kinds of displays they are making at hearings like that of Valerie Plame and that of Gonzales are not only useless--they are counterproductive, making the entire left look like a bunch of freaking loonies. And that's coming from a committed, protest-marching progressive not afraid to step out on a limb in defense of progressive values and denunciation of Republican malfeasance.

More than that, however, Code Pink is doubly counterproductive: Alberto Gonzales is making enough of a fool of himself without their making even BIGGER fools of themselves. By being obnoxious at these hearings, Code Pink actually makes Gonzales look like a sympathetic and harrassed character, when he should be coming off as the uncooperative and criminal boob that he is. Just as Valerie Plame suffered from having attention taken off of her testimony and plight, and focused onto Code Pink instead, so too did the American Public suffer from the distraction from full view of Gonzales' passive-aggressive belligerence.

Memo to Code Pink: please, please, be more intelligent about picking your battles. Passion without focus and strategy is often worse than useless.

And a big, hearty thanks to John Conyers for finally saying that enough is enough.

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